Come Browse With Me

Try it yourself above. Create a meeting and send the same link to everyone you want to invite. Or just test it out with your friends. Up to 5 people can be invited in this version.

How co-browsing works

Do you want to browse the web together?

Imagine fully synchronized, shared web browsing, for two or more people.

That's co-browsing.

Maybe it's for a meeting, or to synchronize a presentation. Maybe you need to examine a web site, investigate a bug, or simply for fun.

How to co-browse?

  1. Create a meeting.

    Set first tab address You can set the first address when you get the link.
  2. Send the meeting link to people you want to invite.

    You can send the link using email, or messaging, or however you like.
  3. Click the link to join the session.

    When you or someone else clicks on the link they will be taken to shared browsing session. Only people with the link will be able to connect.
  4. Browse together!

    Anyone with the link can control the browser at any time. Free sessions are capped at 15 minutes. After that time all data is deleted, and the link is no longer valid. Every session uses a new browser, starting from a blank slate.


If you want greater reliability, longer sessions, more people, or other features or benefits, email to make your suggestions, questions, comments and ideas. Paid options are available.